Central Office Employees
  • Dr. Kim Morgan
  • Mr. Nehemiah Cummings
    Assistant Superintendent and Director of Finance
  • Dr. Angela Haney
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Mrs. Pamela Blount
    Bookkeeper/Banking/Workers' Comp Administrative Assistant
  • Mr. Read Carter
    Director of Facilities
  • Mrs. Theresa Churchill
    Maintenance Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Debbie Dean
    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Mrs. Michelle Lee
    Sick Leave Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Bonnie Morgan
    Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Jennifer Riggins
    Payroll/Insurance Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Kathy White
    Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant
  • Mr. Craig Morgan
    Director of Maintenance
  • Mr. Stevie Hendrix
    Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Scott Herrin
    Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Jack Johns
    Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Terry Lee
    Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Charles Lynn
    Maintenance Technician
  • Mr. Donald O'Berry
    Maintenance Technician
School Nutrition Program
  • Mrs. Laura Lynn
    Director of School Nutrition
  • Mrs. Marsha Carlson
    Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Becky Lane
Special Education/Student Services
  • Mrs. Roxie Tumlin
    Assistant Superintendent and Director of Special Education
  • Mrs. Suzanne Crumpton
    School Psychologist
  • Mrs. Teri Hendrix
    Student Service Coordinator
  • Ms. Wendy Lee
    Administrative Assistant


  • Mr. Alan Morgan
    Director of Technology
  • Dr. Karla Carter
    Erate Coordinator
  • Mr. Brian Depratter
  • Mrs. Sarah Miller
    Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Mr. David Moody
    PowerSchool Coordinator/Data Reporting
  • Mr. Luke Sinclair
  • Mr. Josh Smith
  • Mr. Jeff Johns
    Director of Transportation
  • Mr. Chris Hickox
  • Mrs. Evelyn Hickox
    Driver Trainer
  • Mr. Travis Hutcheson
  • Mr. David Lee
  • Mrs. Dustie McMillan
  • Mrs. Patricia Smith
    3rd Party Tester/Secretary
  • Mrs. Jean Williams
    Driver Trainer

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