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It is the goal of Brantley County Schools Transportation Department to provide safe and efficient transportation to all eligible students within the school system.  Our focus is to achieve maximum efficiency on each route while still keeping student safety as our first and main priority. 

As stated in the above policy, each case will be looked at individually and the SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS WILL BE OUR FIRST PRIORITY.


 The following guidelines will be adopted when planning school bus routes:

   1)   Bus stops shall not be located any closer than one tenth of one mile apart.

2)   Buses shall not deviate from the trunk route onto a side road that is less than one half of a mile long.

3)   Students will walk a maximum distance of one half of one mile to a designated bus stop.

4)   Each student must have a safe and direct walking route to each bus stop.

5)   Each and all routes will be designed and monitored by the Transportation Director and Route Coordinator and each extenuating circumstance will be looked at on a case by case basis.  The Transportation Director will make the final decision on all route and stop locations.

6)   Buses shall not travel on any private or non-county maintained roadway. 

7)   Buses shall not travel on any road where there is no safe place to turnaround.

8)   Bus Stops shall not be located at a place that is deemed unsafe or potentially hazardous, due to road conditions, traffic patterns and volume, posted speed limits, or near a registered sex offender.

9)   Routes and stop locations can and will be changed at any point during the school year when the Transportation Director deems necessary.  Parents and students are to be notified, in writing, of any change that may affect the transportation of a student.

10)  Students with special needs, who have an IEP stating specific transportation requirements, will be exempt from normal route planning procedures and all specific transportation needs for any such student will be met, as prescribed by law.


Contact your school or the Transportation Department for information regarding the assigned bus stop location and approximate pick-up/drop-off times for your residence.  Students should be at their assigned bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. 

Generally, drivers are able to complete their routes according to schedule.  However, the bus can be delayed by factors such as mechanical problems, weather, roadwork, and traffic accidents.  Also, drivers are better able to maintain their schedule when students are at their assigned bus stop on time.

Contact the Transportation Department 912-462-5159 if you have questions or concerns regarding your child's bus route or bus driver.

Brantley County Schools
Transportation Department
79 Davis Street
Nahunta, GA 31553
Phone: 912-462-5159
Fax: 912-462-8346

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